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Considering Electric?

Why should you consider leasing an electric vehicle?

The incentives of leasing electric may differ from person to person, but the benefits are unquestionable.

Whether it's technology, the driving experience, environmental issues, or cost savings, there's a reason for everyone to seriously consider an electric vehicle as their next leasing choice.

Some EV drivers are often gadget enthusiasts looking for the newest vehicle technology and for those tech savvy people an electric vehicle will certainly meet those desires. Whilst the environmentally conscientious among us may lease electric to take steps towards being a greener citizen.

The attraction of leasing an electric vehicle obviously goes beyond simply having the experience, the latest technology or being green. The more considered reasons that electric vehicles are proving increasingly popular are primarily financial.

As with most vehicle leases the monthly payments are lower than those for a vehicle purchase. Making leasing a cost effective way of getting that new technology fix, and reducing emissions.

The absence of a fuel cost and relative low running cost is an obvious draw. The tax saving for business owners and company car drivers is the other huge financial advantage.

Since the April 2020/21 tax year, there have been tax exemptions on electric (and low emission) vehicles which has increased the popularity of electric company cars massively.

As the 0% Benefit in Kind rate that was applied to company car drivers in pure electric vehicles last year has now increased to just to a very nominal 1%, ee see the demand for electric leased vehicles continue.

In fact, at ICR, we have seen a 25% increase in demand within the past year and expect that increased demand to translate into representing over a 1/3 of our leased fleet by the end of 2021.

Our electric expertise, vehicle choice and availability is second to none, so get in touch today and see what we have to offer. Perhaps with Milton Keynes being referred to as the electric vehicle hub of Europe we are ideally placed to give advice!

Contact us at ICR to get more information on your potential tax savings or visit the HMRC website for more guidance.


The purchase cost, and therefore the leasing cost of an electric vehicle obviously varies from make and model, but theres almost certainly an electric vehicle to suit most budgets and personal demands.

Cheaper maintenance

Fully electric cars have far fewer moving mechanical parts and therefore are less likely to sustain damage. With fewer components there's far less wear and tear and less need for servicing and repair. The daily running cost of an electric vehicle is noticeably cheaper than that of petrol and diesels.

With lowering electricity costs and reduced maintenance and service requirements you will pay less for maintenance packages from your leasing provider. At ICR we include all servicing and maintenance within your monthly payment so that there are no hidden or periodic costs.

Happy environment

Fully electric cars have zero emissions making them greener, cleaner and better for the environment than petrol or diesel cars. So thats reduced greenhouse gases. A better prospect for our future on the planet. More efficient, environmentally friendly batteries are being manufactured with advances in this relatively new technology and quieter electric motors created, that both mean the benefits and experience will only get better over time.

Home charging

Currently there's a £350 government grant to cover installation of your electric charger point.

Charges take between 5-10 hours, so an overnight charge leaves you ready to go the next morning.

Rapid chargers, typically found in garages and service stations, are capable of an 80% charge within an hour. There are plans to cut charging times to minutes in future evolving technologies so the experience for the driver will only get better.

The perfect drive

Aside from the quietness, the responsive performance of an electric vehicle is outstanding with instant surge of acceleration as soon as you touch the accelerator. With batteries typically centralised the balance and weight distribution provides a comfortable drive.

Here to help

Let ICR find your perfect EV, Choose from a range of the UK’s best electric cars and find the car that’s perfect for you or your business, your budget, your planet.


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