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10 Reasons to Lease a vehicle

If you're looking to fulfil your transport needs then leasing is certainly worth a serious look.

Here's 10 reasons why you could benefit from leasing. If you want more information then call ICR on 01908 467467 to talk with one of our experienced leasing advisors or submit our online enquiry form

1 Get a really good deal

Leasing companies continually get the latest funding deals from all the major UK finance companies. This means they can offer competitive market rates, helping drive your monthly costs down.

2 Be driving a better car

Generally you'll lease a better car than if you would had you bought one. This is because when you lease you're only paying the cars depreciation of the period over which you lease it, and not the market value. Subsequently your monthly repayments are lower so you can lease a better model or specification.

3 More reliability

Leasing means invariably you are driving a new or nearly new car. So little chance of age related reliability issues. Most new cars will be covered under the manufacturer warranty should anything go wrong, so again you'll not have to foot the bill.

4 Safety

If you lease a new car then you'll be getting the latest introduced safety features, You'll also be getting the latest in technology too!

5 Won't tie up your money.

No need to tie up big lump sums into a vehicle purchase or even fork out for hefty deposits.

6 Fixed cost motoring

When you lease a car your monthly payment remains the same so you know exactly what your motoring cost will be including Road Fund licence and breakdown cover. It is always a good idea to include a maintenance package so you wont even get the cost of servicing. The only real variable will be your fuel and own insurance cost.

7 Cut out big ticket motoring costs

You’re driving a new, hence more reliable car, so it’s highly likely you won’t have to replace big-ticket mechanical items such as cam belts or aircon units. You probably won’t even need a new battery.

8 MOT Free

Since cars don't need an MOT until they are 36 months old. theres a very good chance that you'll have swapped into a new one by then so the inconvenience and potential costs wont be a concern.

9 Avoid PCP

With leasing you simply hand back the car at the end of the lease and you are free to choose your next new vehicle. Unlike PCP, there’s no haggling over the final versus the estimated value of the vehicle, you avoid having to negotiate a part exchange with the dealership on your next vehicle or having to buy the car outright.

10 Avoid the legwork

With a Leasing broker you'll be getting the latest competitive market rates on thousands of vehicles. No need to visit the Manufacturer showrooms, negotiate, prices, sort part exchanges or search finance deals.


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