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New & Foreign Business Vehicle Leasing

Get funding from ICR where other providers offer too many hurdles
Our flexible new refreshing approach to vehicle funding opens the doors to most business cases

Goodbye limitations.

We don't want to restrict a businesses chances of qualifying for a lease agreement based on the business age, origin, or to an extent, the history.

Rather than go through a conventional 'tick box' exercise we aim to meet all of our customers and understand their business needs.


Impressive choice

Hello Solutions.

We like to look forward, not back

Though we do need to understand the businesses history we believe that the future is more important than the past.

This is one of the reasons we are able to fund New Start ups, even those less than 3 months old.

ICR Leasing is regulated by the FCA and therefore we do require a businesses financials in order to set up a credit line and prove the all important factors...Affordability and sustainability.


Unlimited choices when it comes to leasing products and vehicles
With our own in-house funding options and access to some of the UK's most reputable finance providers and vehicle partners we offer competitive bespoke flexible leasing solutions to everyone.
The vehicle choice is almost unlimited!

We supply everything from superminis, family cars, SUV's Luxury cars, Sports cars, through to people carriers, shuttles, and light commercials

Leasing Options

Business Contract Hire  +

Enjoy driving the latest new vehicle.

Small initial deposit – this will free up your capital.

Fixed monthly payments – you pay an agreed amount each month throughout your contract. This can assist you in controlling your vehicle cost and improve cash flow.

Tax efficient – all the rentals made under the lease agreement are treated as an operating cost and therefore can reduce the taxable profit on the business by as much as 100% of the total rental payable.

Off Balance Sheet Funding – this frees up your credit lines and allows you to invest into your business.

Reduce Administration – no more having to haggle for the best purchase price and no more problems with selling your vehicle. At the end of the contract you simply hand the vehicle back without the worrying of how much it might be worth, and select a new one. Maintenance – this can be added to the contract and encompass the service, maintenance, repairs which also includes tyres.

Finance Lease  +

Finance lease is a common agreement taken by businesses needing cars and vans when contract hire does not offer an appropriate solution. Finance Leasing enables flexibility and tax advantages to companies that use one or more vehicles but don't have the capital to pay for them up front.

There is no fixed mileage and therefore no excess mileage charge on the return of the vehicle. At ICR we will have set an expected sale price of the leased vehicle at its contract end, if the vehicle sold for more than that 95% of the profit will be returned to the customer.

Nearly New Leasing +
Nearly New Leasing works well for a variety of our customers. For those not ready to commit to a traditional 3/4 year lease this allows our customers to run a short term lease with out incurring high costs. It's also a great way to keep costs down as the large drop in value has already taken place and therefore does not need funding..

Finally, Nearly New Leasing works brilliantly for our customers who employ staff based on their passing of a probation period. It's a great way to keep staff happy and lessens our customer’s risk. Then, when the time is right we can swap the employee into a brand new car.

Sale and Leaseback  +
Free up your capital to reinvest in your business elsewhere or fuel expansion.

If you currently own vehicles outright, a Sale and Leaseback agreement leaseback transfers ownership of your existing vehicles from you the owner to ICR, and can offer you immediate financial and operational benefits by transferring your vehicles onto a funding arrangement.

Don't forget Maintainance Packages

  • All manufacturers' scheduled routine servicing and MOTs (if applicable)

  • 24 Hour Breakdown

  • Replacement parts and repairs due to fair wear and tear

  • Tyre Maintenance

  • All under the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear Guide

Chess Game
Dedicated Business Lease Advisors help make the right agreement choices
Standard and bespoke leasing solutions to suit
Two Men Shaking Hands
Over 40 years expertise at your fingertips
Cat Sleeping
As members of BVRLA and FCA you can lease with complete piece of mind

Valued benefits

Benefit from a host of added benefits when leasing your vehicle with ICR

No Unexpected bills

A maintenance package will safeguard your vehicle against any unexpected issues and damage as well as scheduled services and MOTs.


Fixed Costs

Benefit from a fixed monthly rental that won't change during your entire contract, plus flexible initial payment options.


Inflation protection

A maintenance package protects against the rising costs of servicing and maintaining a vehicle by agreeing a fixed price at the start of the contract.


Approved dealerships

You can have peace of mind knowing that any required work on your vehicle will be carried out by qualified technicians and accredited garages.


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