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Partner with ICR

Satisfy more of your customers with our flexible approach to funding.
Never turn away a customer until you've spoken to us first!

We are here to fund those units

that you can’t get financed


It's not just businesses and individuals that benefit from our flexible approach to funding.  Our years of industry presence has steadily earned us the reputation of being one of the most approachable, accommodating leasing specialists around. 


As a result, we frequently partner with nationwide dealer groups and brokers to assist with funding their customers where many other funding houses are unable.

  • New Businesses  

  • Businesses that are based outside of the UK but with a UK vehicle need

  • Businesses that have just relocated to the UK with no accounts history

  • Businesses with life-styled accounts

  • Small to medium sized businesses with a mixed fleet where we can launch a competitive joint venture

Making the challenging Posssible

Some reasons to offer an ICR solution 


With our tailored approach to underwriting we can look at any business that you can’t get financed and structure that perfect business contract hire deal so that you still get the unit when all you would of done is moved on to the next one.


We approach each company individually, looking for affordability and sustainability.

Most of our customers start life with us as new businesses, are non UK based or had a poor credit score when we first started working together.  They have then gone on to grow into well established companies.

Annual pooled mileage for all vehicles
The majority of leasing companies will not entertain pooled mileage unless you have 15-20 vehicles on lease with them. They will usually have a tiered system where some vehicles are excluded due to contracted mileage or vehicle cost. With ICR your entire fleet can be included.

No Administration charges
These are costs associated with parking, speeding fines and congestion charges. With other leasing companies you can expect to be charged upwards of £25 per action. We will not charge for these. All charges in relation to the day to day contract are included in the monthly rental.

Consolidated Invoicing and Direct Debits
We know how complicated it can be keeping on top of your finances, therefore we offer a hassle free payment solution. All monthly payments will be consolidated on to one monthly invoice and can be emailed to a specified contact within your accounts department.

Fleet Management System - FOC
Our free of charge fleet management system has a proven record in enhancing our customer’s experience. Should you wish for it, your dedicated account manager will run through our system makingit even easier for you to use.

Early Termination Changes

If a client needs to terminate their contract earlier than the prearranged end date, we do not look to profit out of the situation. We normally adjust our figures accordingly therefore minimising the customer’s costs. Many of our competitors charge a minimum of 25-50% of the outstanding rentals.

Flexible Contract Terms
We will set your term in line with your requirements, normally anything from 1-5 years with a maximumof 150,000 miles

Re-Scheduling of Contracts
We monitor our customer’s contracts and advice of the option to re-write when necessary to coincide with their actual mileage. If there is a term adjustment required, we will also do that free of charge.

Pre-Contract Vehicle
In most cases we can assist our client with a short term lease vehicle at lease prices, not daily rental prices.

End of Contract Charges
We take a sensible approach to End of Contract Charges. With over 100 years of experience in the motor industry we understand that you will pick up some damage along the way. We will always take an individual approach when taking your vehicle back.

Credit Line
We are self-funded and therefore make our own decisions regarding credit approval. We are not governed
by a bank.

Nearly New Vehicles
We have the facility to acquire manufacturers ex-company vehicles at competitive prices. These can be leased, passing on huge savings to our customers.

Staff Purchase Scheme
Should your staff love their vehicle they will have the option to purchase it direct from us at trade price with no hidden extras.




Call us today on 01908 467467 and let us help you and your customers

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