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Meet the Genesis GV60


Well, what a drive home and what an evening in the GV60 Sport Plus. I wanted to be impressed by

this car as the reviews are good it looks great and on the Genesis website they say -

“The high-performance pure electric GV60 sets the new standard in sustainable luxury. It is the

perfect harmony of performance, design, technology, and sustainability”

It didn’t let me down, from the luxury, comfortable seats to the abundance of technology it ticked

all the boxes. And the drive well wow, being able to change the drive modes on the steering wheel

was perfect, just where it should be, at your fingertips, in this case your thumbs, but you know what

I mean. Eco, Comfort and Sport modes, plus Snow, and oh yes “BOOST”. In sport the car is quick, put

the boost on and the car literally leaps forward, the seat sides and base adjust to grip you too,

brilliant idea. If you don’t use it boost for a while, its disengages and the seat goes back to your

settings, just loved this. Through the different drive modes, the dash changes too, and with boost

you get your very own light show.

As for the passengers plenty of room front and rear, storage is good too as with a lot of electric cars

with no centre tunnel. Another great feature is the ability to adjust the front passenger seat from

the driver’s seat, see picture. Great when your youngest leaves it in a random position. I could go on

for ages talking about the Tech, the gadgets and so on, but the best I can say is try it out it’s a great

car and for a brand young to the UK its going to be one to watch.!!

Thank you, Genesis Motor UK, and @Peter Renton for letting us have it this week, already been out

this morning showing customers, with more later this week, will be interesting to get their views

Check the website

Another great bonus with Genesis is:-


To make ownership as effortless as possible every new Genesis comes with our 5 Year Care Plan that

includes; warranty, scheduled servicing, roadside assistance, digital updates and even a courtesy car

while we have yours.


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