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The Award winning Cupra Born

Well, if you want to drive an Electric car that gets you noticed you won’t find much better than the

Cupra Born!!

The looks/stares the car had over the last few days have been constant, followed by smiles and

people pointing and asking, “what is it”, then replying “it’s a Cupra!!”

I’m sure the Aurora Blue and Bronze accents clearly added to the attention. In fact, the number of

neighbours that stopped to speak to me about the car was surprising, when I drove its sister car, the

Volkswagen ID.3 I only got a few looks, but this will be down to the (sporty) styling of the Born and

the more mainstream look of the ID.3…

The interior with the black headlining is sporty and stylish, with the bronze accents lifting to the

overall interior ambience and style.

There is high-quality feel and design to the Sports Bucket seats, they are both comfy, supportive and

I believe wouldn’t look out of place in a more expensive. Plus, on the V2 and V3 models these are

also heated as standard.

The large 20” Hurricane machined Aerowheels increased the sporty look outside without making

the ride to firm or hard, however the large wheels do impact the range, so choose wisely.

Unfortunately, the car we had didn’t have any of the options on, like the Tech Packs, Skyline -

Panoramic Sunroof, Dynamic Pack (DCC) and so on, so I can’t make judgement on them. Would have

loved to have tried out the e-Boost functionality*! Just to feel that adrenaline burst speak about.!!

*The e-Boost package includes CUPRA steering wheel with satellite buttons, designed to put unbridled

performance at your fingertips. Just as importantly, it comes with enhanced front brake discs – capable of reining in all that incredible power.

But even with just the standard equipment it was still full with an abundance of Technology. 12-inch

Touchscreen, Navigation, Bluetooth, Apple car play and so on the list seems endless. The Head up

Display, and Active Cruise Control just added to the overall enjoyment and safety of the drive. The

Rear-View Camera system was clear and the lines a great aid. A nice touch is Multicolour ambient

lighting, where you can choose your favourite colour and set the perfect mood is just lovely and one

my daughter loved to change!! On the outside The Welcome light ensures a show-stealing entrance

every time.

If I really wanted to be fussy, I do prefer four window switches rather than 2 you get, and one more

switch that you use to switch between front and rear, which I kept catching, but that’s just me.!!

The car was fun to drive, had tons of technology, looks and feels sporty and stylish. Well worth you

taking the time to have a look or add it to your wish list!

Therefor it’s no surprise that it is Award-winning -The CUPRA Born has been named Best Small

Electric Car of the Year 2022 by WhatCar?

If I was to order one, I’d go for the Cupra Born V3 58 kWh AFV 230 Auto e-Boost, with Tech (L)pack

and the Skyline - Panoramic Sunroof!!

Thank you Cupra UK for letting us have the car, it was thoroughly appreciated by all of us and the

customers we showed it too.

Click on the Link to find out more –


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