Home EV charging with Project EV

Charge your new electric vehicle faster, cheaper and easier with an EV smart home charger
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If you’re thinking of going electric, ICR Leasing has partnered with Project EV to bring the future of home electric vehicle (EV) charging to you. Get an EV smart home charger installed for a fixed installation cost of just £499 in England, Wales and NI or just £199 in Scotland with available grants (eligibility and exclusions apply).

Project EV specialise in providing cutting-edge electric vehicle charging points to deliver fast, reliable, convenient and efficient charging. Once installed, simply plug in your vehicle at home (or work) and let the device do the rest!

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Why choose Project EV?

5 Year Warranty
Project EV offers the best warranty on the market for all AC chargers, offering five years warranty protection.
Free Mobile App
Available on Apple and Android, the Project EV Pro App has no upfront cost and allows you to set charging times for your car.
7 Day Installation
Project EV can supply and fit most home EV chargers within seven days, providing you return the necessary documents.
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Free Project EV App

With the Project EV free app, you can set times for charging your car and take advantage of different electricity rates such as Economy 7, solar production peak times and time-of-use tariffs. The app also features a built-in boost facility, allowing you to override the smart EV app in case of an emergency, and remote control to turn the EV charger on or off via your smart devices